How To: Install or update Bing key credentials in ArcGIS Server Web ADF applications


Esri no longer provides free access to Bing Maps basemap layers. Instructions provided describe how to update ArcGIS Server Web ADF applications with a renewed Bing Key purchased directly from Microsoft.


It is necessary to contact Microsoft to obtain a valid Bing authorization key. Once a valid key is obtained, follow the steps below to update the Web Applications component of ArcGIS Server with the key.

This procedure updates the Web ADF Web Application component of ArcGIS Server. This allows Web ADF applications to utilize Bing Maps basemap layer connections, but does not activate other functionalities of ArcGIS Server 10.0 and earlier which may require Bing access.

  1. In the Web Application creation / edit interface, select Layers > Add Layer.
  2. If there is an existing or non-functional Bing Maps entry, select the entry and click 'Remove GIS Server'.
  3. Click “Add GIS Server”.
  4. In the Type box, select 'Bing Maps' and enter a current or valid Bing Key to the Bing Map Key field.
    The user may have to remove and re-add any previous Bing layers to use the new connection information.