FAQ: Can ArcReader utilize the Find Route tool offline?


Can ArcReader utilize the Find Route tool offline?


Yes. One of the many tools that ArcReader offers is the Find Route tool. This tool offers users the ability to find directions between two addresses or points. By default, this tool uses the North American Routing Service provided by ArcGIS Online. However, there may be a need for users to create routes when there is no access to the internet. In this case, users must create a network dataset in ArcGIS and then use this dataset as the routing service.

Using the Find Route tool offline:
1. In ArcReader, click Tools > Find Route.
2. In the Find Route window, select the Options tab.
3. Click the folder next to Routing Service.
4. Navigate to the location of the network dataset.

Creating a network dataset requires the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension.

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