Problem: Custom ArcGIS Online basemaps are not displaying in ArcGIS Viewer for Flex applications


When a custom basemap is added to the Viewer for Flex application with a different tiling schema, the basemaps cannot display on top of each other.


ArcGIS Online basemaps are tiled services with a defined tiling scheme and fixed levels of detail. If the custom basemap is a dynamic service, a conflict occurs that prevents the ArcGIS Online basemaps from displaying when the user selects a basemap.

Solution or Workaround

Using the same tiling scheme as the basemaps, publishing the custom basemap as a tiled service and adding the basemap to Viewer for Flex allows the different basemaps to coexist.

  1. Publish the service to the ArcGIS Server with caching enabled.
  2. For tiling scheme, select the ArcGIS Online/Bing Maps/Google Maps tiling scheme.
  3. Add the tiled service to the application as a basemap.

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