Problem: Publishing a feature service to Portal for ArcGIS fails if the source data language does not match the hosting server's database collation


When a hosted feature service is published to Portal for ArcGIS, publishing fails if the name of the CSV file, shapefile, or feature class being published is in a language that does not match the database collation of the portal's hosting server.


Hosted feature service data is stored in tables in the hosting server's geodatabase. The geodatabase uses the database's collation to read the name of the table. If the table name is stored in a language that does not match the database collation, the name cannot be properly read by the geodatabase.

Solution or Workaround

For most databases, be sure the names of the files or feature classes published to the portal are in a language that is recognized by the hosting server's database collation.

If the hosting server uses a geodatabase in PostgreSQL, the database can be created with the C collation. Such databases can store table names in different languages.