Error: Geodatabase upgrade fails with "Linestring or poly boundary is self-intersecting" error

Error Message

Update of a geodatabase fails with the following error:

"Linestring or poly boundary is self-intersecting".

The feature class causing the failure is listed at the end of the error.


This upgrade failure is caused by an invalid extent defined on the feature class, such as that the max or min value of X or Y exceeds the maximum/minimum allowed value in the coordinate system.

Solution or Workaround

This issue can be fixed by updating the extent of the feature class to the correct values. ArcGIS provides utilities to recalculate the extent of a feature class.

This option works even after the attempted upgrade has failed, allowing the geodatabase upgrade to be resumed.

  1. Using ArcGIS 10.x Desktop, connect to the geodatabase to be upgraded as the owner of the feature class causing the failure.
  2. Open the feature class property dialog, select the Feature Extent tab and click the Recalculate button.

    The extent of the feature class is updated to the correct values based on the existing features.