Bug: NIM082086: The Check Parcel Fabric option is disabled in stand-alone ArcCatalog


When using the Parcel Fabric context (pop-up) menu in ArcCatalog, the Check Parcel Fabric option is disabled.


This is a software defect; the following workarounds are provided:


Use the Catalog window in ArcMap:
1. Open ArcMap and click Catalog to open the ArcCatalog window.
2. Right-click a parcel fabric and click the Check Parcel Fabric option.

Add the tool to ArcMap:
1. In ArcMap, go to Customize > Customize mode, click the Commands tab and type Check Parcel Fabric.
2. Add the Check Parcel Fabric tool to any toolbar.
3. Start an edit session, select the parcels to check, then click the tool.

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