FAQ: Projections and transformations for Canada


Projections and transformations for Canada


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This index provides a list of articles that describe projections and transformations for Canada.


•  FAQ: Projection Basics: What the GIS professional needs to know
•  FAQ: What are some common projections and geographic coordinate systems for Canada?
•  HowTo: Select a suitable map projection or coordinate system
•  FAQ: Where can more information be found about coordinate systems, map projections, and datums?
•  Support Blog: When to use the Define Projection tool and the Project tool


•  FAQ: What are some of the Transformation Methods for Canada?
•  HowTo: Download National Transformation version 2 files (NTv2)
•  FAQ: What National Transformation Version 2 geographic transformation grids are supported?
•  HowTo: Determine which NAD_1983_To_WGS_1984 transformation to use
•  HowTo: Select the correct geographic (datum) transformation when projecting between datums

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