Problem: The 'Create report ' option in the ArcGIS for Local Government web application does not work


The ArcGIS for Local Government web application, Tax Parcel Viewer (10.0, 10.1, 10.1.1), has an issue in that a supporting web map that the application uses has changed. This causes the Neighborhood tab in the Tax Parcel Viewer to display nothing, and also causes the 'Create report' option to fail.


A broken version of the webmap ID exists in the configuration and is shown below. This is no longer working and needs to be replaced.

WebMapId: "4778fee6371d4e83a22786029f30c7e1",

Solution or Workaround

To fix this issue please update the application’s config.js file with the following webmap ID:

WebMapId: "f5c23594330d431aa5d9a27abb90296d",