FAQ: How to get the ArcGIS ArcPad Extension for Server to use with ArcPad 10.2


How to get the ArcGIS ArcPad Extension for Server to use with ArcPad 10.2


The ArcGIS Server ArcPad Extension is used to author and publish ArcPad projects to ArcGIS Server. It is also used to synchronize data between ArcPad and ArcGIS Server through an internet connection.

As stated in the Deprecation Plan for ArcGIS 10.1 and ArcGIS 10.2, “ArcGIS 10.2 will be the last major release with support for the ArcPad extension to ArcGIS for Server. Users are encouraged to use the new ArcPad feature service capabilities in 10.2 to support disconnected workflows and synchronization to ArcGIS 10.2 for Server services.”

ArcPad 10.2 supports online and offline editing through hosted and on-premises feature services, so there is no need for the ArcPad server extension for 10.1 and 10.2 services. It is recommended that users with 10.1 services use this native capability. This feature service capability also works with 10.0 services, but the REST end point in this version does not have all the capability it has in newer versions. For this reason, the server extension is shipped with ArcPad 10.2. This server extension is provided for users running ArcPad 10.2 with version 9.3 or 10.0 feature services that need related table support.

Installing the ArcGIS ArcPad Extension for Server
There are two ways install the ArcGIS ArcPad Extenstion for Server.

Backup Media DVD
For customers that have ArcPad 10.2 and would like to use the ArcGIS ArcPad Extension for Server to connect to ArcGIS for Server 9.3 or 10.0, the install is included on the ArcPad 10.2 backup media DVD.

Esri Customer Care Portal
If the backup media DVD is not available, the ArcGIS ArcPad Extension can be downloaded from the Esri Customer Care Portal.
1. Log into the Customer Care Portal.
2. Go to the Software Downloads page.
3. Under the Version drop-down menu, select All Releases.
4. Click ArcPad 10.0.4 to open the ArcGIS Server ArcPad Extension download link.

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