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How To: Remove orphaned objects (feature classes) from a geodatabase


In the event of data or users being removed from a back-end database, geodatabase objects are sometimes orphaned. The most likely causes for this are:

  • The objects were unintentionally dropped by a user with a SQL command.
  • During database migration, the geodatabase objects were lost.


The instructions provided describe how to remove an orphaned object from a geodatabase. Before proceeding with the following workflow, ensure a recent verified and tested backup has been completed.

  1. In the back-end database, use SQL to create a table with the same name as the orphaned object.
    CREATE TABLE <orphaned_table_name>
    column_name1 data_type,
    column_name2 data_type,
    column_name3 data_type,
  2. Use ArcCatalog to delete <orphaned_table_name>.
  3. To add the feature class back in to the geodatabase, create the feature class in ArcCatalog with the same name.

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Last Published: 8/8/2017

Article ID: 000011812

Software: Legacy Products