How To: Remove rasters from a mosaic dataset using an area of interest polygon in Python


The Remove rasters from Mosaic Dataset tool does not have the option for spatial query. The code below illustrates the use of ArcPy to remove rasters based on a polygon area of interest.


The code sample can be used as a stand alone Python script to remove rasters from a mosaic dataset based on a spatial query. A polygon is used in this example.

  1. Code:
    import arcpy
    from arcpy import env

    #set variables
    env.workspace = r"D:\Documents\Northwest.gdb"
    clipShape = "parks"
    mosaicDataset = "CityOfPortland"

    # Make a mosaic layer to be able to select the footprint
    arcpy.MakeMosaicLayer_management(mosaicDataset, "mdlayer")

    # Select the footprint based on polygon clipShape using the intersect method
    arcpy.SelectLayerByLocation_management("mdlayer", "INTERSECT", clipShape)

    # Run the remove rasters tool without any query on the selection
    arcpy.RemoveRastersFromMosaicDataset_management("mdlayer", "#", "UPDATE_BOUNDARY", "MARK_OVERVIEW_ITEMS")

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