How To: Make a dual-unit scale bar in a map layout


The instructions provided describe how to make a dual-unit scale bar in a map layout.


  1. Navigate to the Layout View of the map document.
  2. Insert two scale bars; click Insert > Scale Bar, and in the Scale Bar Selector dialog box, start by trying the 'Scale Line 1' and 'Scale Line 3' styling formats.
  3. Right-click each scale bar and click Properties.
    A. On the Scale and Units tab, select the desired unit of measure from the Division Units drop-down menu.
    B. On the Size and Position tab, check the box for 'Align scale bar to zero division.'
    Align scale bar to zero division

    [O-Image] Scale Line Properties
  4. Line up the two scale bars by selecting each one separately and dragging them into the correct position so that the middle/common base lines overlap.
  5. Select both scale bars by clicking both of them while holding down the CTRL key, right-click the scale bars and select Align > Align Center.
  6. To save the alignment settings, right-click the selected scale bars and select Group.

    [O-Image] Align Scale Bar