FAQ: How are Esri application templates used in various user communities?


How are Esri application templates used in various user communities?


Esri supplies data templates in support of many common activities within major industries and government agencies. For instance, the Local Government Information Model provides information models for functions like public safety, land records, elections, planning and development, public works, infrastructure management, and others.

Local Government Information Model (ArcGIS 10.1)
Local Government Information Model (ArcGIS 10.0)

[O-Image] ArcGIS for Local Government Screenshot
The schema provided in these templates is in XML Workspace format; an associated data dictionary is also included. This allows users to insert their data into provided database structures, removing the need to create new database structures. The structures provided can be used in sample applications associated with the information model.

Loading Data
To use the local government or other industry-specific templates, it is necessary for users to load their data into the tables of the template.

• There is no universal conversion procedure because users have different ways of organizing their data.
• There is no provision for referencing the user's own data in its original form.
• Each user must study the Esri data model and compare it to their own data structures.

The data dictionary describes the feature classes and fields of the template's data structures. Based on the user's knowledge of existing data, they must decide which of the original fields and data structures corresponds to the fields and data structures in the template.

This may require a significant amount of study and perhaps some experimentation. In some cases, these projects are large enough to be contracted out to consulting agencies such as Esri Professional Services.

When the mapping between tables and fields has been decided, there are two tools for loading data into the target data structure:

Object Loader in ArcMap
Simple Data Loader in ArcCatalog or the Catalog window in ArcMap

For more information about loading techniques, refer to ArcGIS Help 10.1 - About loading data into existing feature classes and tables.

The data loaders offer field mapping and record filtering. If a load operation does not produce the desired results, the target feature class can be cleared of its existing records using the Delete Features tool in ArcToolbox.

<b>For Feature Classes</b>
In ArcToolbox, navigate to Data Management Tools > Features > Delete Features.

<b>For Tables</b>
In ArcToolbox, navigate to Data Management Tools > Table > Delete Rows.

Local Government Information Model
The general process for the Local Government Information Model is described in this Support Services Blog post: Implementing the Local Government Information Model with ArcGIS 10.

User comments on the referenced blog post and Local Government Information Model page can be a good source of additional information on the database design, products available online, and other questions.

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