Bug: After upgrading to ArcGIS for Server 10.1 Service Pack 1, logging in to Manager hangs or returns to the login page


After upgrading ArcGIS for Server from 10.1 Final to 10.1 Service Pack 1, attempting to log in to Server Manager may hang or immediately return to the login page.


There is a problem logging in to Manager because the browser has a cached version of the application from 10.1 Final.


There are several options to resolve this problem.

  • Use a different URL to open Manager.

    If Manager is typically opened using LOCALHOST in the URL (http://localhost:6080/arcgis/manager), use the machine name or IP address instead.

  • Use Manager in a different browser.

    Supported browsers include Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

  • Clear the browser cache.

    If the most convenient option is to continue using the same URL and browser, the issue can be resolved by clearing the browser cache. Please refer to the browser documentation to find the specific workflow for clearing the cache.