Error: Geodatabase upgrade in SQL Server fails with error code -549 in the log

Error Message

When upgrading an sde schema geodatabase in SQL Server, it fails with the following error message in the geoprocessing tool:

"Updating server tables and stored procedures.
Could not update server tables and stored procedures.
Refer to upgrade logfiles for more details:
C:\Users\sean4788\AppData\Local\Temp\2\sde_setup.logUnpaused the database.
Failed to execute (UpgradeGDB)."

The following messages occur in the sde_setup.log:

"[Tue Sep xxxxx] 
DB_instance_open() against SQL Server using OLEDB driver.
[Tue Sep xxxxx] ERROR installing/upgrading ArcSDE, Error = -549

Updating server tables and stored procedures."


Adding the sde user to the SQL Server sysadmin fixed server role is not supported.

Solution or Workaround

Which login and privileges are used to upgrade an sde schema geodatabase depends on the geodatabase model used: single- or multiple-database.

See the link in the Related Information section for more information about upgrading user privileges.

  • When upgrading a single-database geodatabase, place the sde user in the db_owner database role prior to upgrading.

    Alternatively, log in as any other user that has sysadmin privileges (such as the built-in 'sa' user) or any other user that is in the db_owner role in that database.
  • When upgrading a multiple-database geodatabase — which includes any geodatabase named sde, regardless of whether user databases are associated with it or not — log in as a user other than sde that is a sysadmin in the SQL Server instance.

Related Information