How To: Update a term license in a workgroup geodatabase


The Education Site License, Esri Developer Network (EDN), and some ArcGIS for Server licenses are valid for a specific period of time. ArcGIS for Server Workgroup instances (database servers) and workgroup geodatabases that were authorized with one of these licenses must be updated with a new authorization file when the existing one expires.

When geodatabase creation is attempted on a database server with an expired license, the following message is returned:

"Error creating this geodatabase.
No ArcSDE server license found..."



Authorization information is stored in two places for workgroup geodatabases: the Windows registry, and in each geodatabase on the instance. When the license expires, authorization for the instance must be updated. The first time a connection is made to a workgroup geodatabase with an expired authorization file, ArcGIS receives an updated authorization from the Windows registry and places it in the geodatabase.

  1. As a Windows administrator on the machine where SQL Server Express is installed, run the portion of the SQL Server Express for ArcGIS Server Workgroup executable that enables geodatabase storage.

    To do this, uncheck 'Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition', but leave 'Enable geodatabase storage on SQL Server Express' checked. Click Next.
  2. In the next dialog box of the wizard, choose the SQL Server Express instance that must have its authorization updated. Click Next to proceed to the software authorization wizard.
  3. When prompted, provide the new authorization file from the KEYCODES file that is on the server machine after licensing ArcGIS for Server Workgroup Edition and complete the authorization process.
  4. The first time a server administrator (user who is dbo) connects to individual geodatabases that contain expired licenses, ArcGIS automatically updates the authorization in the geodatabase.

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