How To: Disable Default Locators that connect to ArcGIS.com


When ArcGIS for Desktop starts, it attempts to load the default locators or geocode services that are contained within the DefaultLocators.xml file.

These locators are used for single address matching using the geocoding toolbar and the Find tool, and batch geocoding using the Geocode Addresses dialog box.

This DefaultLocators.xml file contains geocode services that are hosted at ArcGIS.com and attempts to load these services when the above mentioned tools or dialog boxes are opened.


To disable loading of the geocode services that are hosted at ArcGIS.com, the references to these online services must be removed in the DefaultLocators.xml file. For more information, see the web help topic 'Setting default locators in ArcMap'.

  1. Download the DefaultLocators.zip file from the Related Information section below and extract the DefaultLocators.xml file. This XML document has been modified to remove references to the online locators.
  2. Browse to the ArcGIS installation directory for Desktop (for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.1) and open the 'Locators' folder.
  3. Make a backup copy of the DefaultLocators.xml file in case it is necessary to return to the default behavior in the future.
  4. Copy the new DefaultLocators.xml file to the Locators folder. Since the new file no longer includes references to the online locators, ArcGIS no longer attempts to connect to them.

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