How To: Hide the 'Read more' link in the gallery items in Maps and Apps


ArcGIS for Local Government provides maps and apps that help implement GIS in a local government context, and a destination where users, partners, and the teams within Esri can collaborate.

The instructions provided describe how to hide the 'Read more' link in the gallery items in Maps and Apps.


Once the ArcGIS for Local Government Maps and Apps template has been downloaded and extracted to the local machine, an Application folder is created under the install location.

To hide the 'Read more' link in the gallery items, modify the MapsAppsTile.js file.

  1. Navigate to <installation folder> Application > MapsAndApps > Modules and open MapsAppsTile.js in a text editor.
  2. In MapsAppsTile.js, find and delete the
    group in lines 44 through 46, as shown below.

    " <div title='More information about ${fullTitle}' class='mapTileReadMore sideColumnBkgd' onclick='${readMoreOnClickHandler}(\"${id}\")'>" +
    " Read more..." +
    " +

  3. Save the changes.

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