How To: Make an application server service connection (3-tier) to ArcSDE using ArcGIS 10.1


At the 10.1 release, the Post Installation Wizard is no longer part of the ArcSDE install. Prior to 10.1, the Post Installation Wizard could be used to create the application server service for 3-tier connections to be made to the geodatabase. The ArcSDE command line tools and application server service can still be configured by installing the ArcSDE application server and creating/registering the service manually.

The ArcSDE 10.1 installation includes the application server and ArcSDE command line tools. These components are necessary in order to configure the ArcSDE service.

[O-Image] ArcSDE Install
Please consult the Web help topic 'What's new for geodatabases in ArcGIS 10.1' as a reference. The topics on 'Creating an ArcSDE service on Windows using the sdeservice command' and 'Editing service files on Windows' are also helpful references for specific information on how to create the ArcSDE service.

Connecting to the geodatabase at 10.1
The recommended method to access enterprise geodatabases is to connect from ArcGIS clients under Database Connections > Add Database Connection. This method of connecting does not require the installation of the application server and configuration of a service. Connecting under Database Connections uses DBMS client-side drivers that must be installed separately.

DBMS clients can be downloaded from the database vendor or found in the Customer Care Portal under DBMS Support files.


To create a connection using an ArcSDE application server service, use the Create ArcSDE Connection File geoprocessing tool. This is located in the ArcToolbox > Data Management Tools > Workspace toolset.

Additionally, existing .sde connection files that utilized the application server service can be copied and used to make modifications. Below is an example of an Application Server connection properties.

[O-Image] Existing Application Server sde connection files

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