How To: Activate Streetmap Premium for use with ArcPad


ArcPad has the ability to use Streetmap Premium, along with its available functions. The steps provided explain how to do this.


  1. To begin, download Streetmap Premium to a local or network drive.
  2. From within Streetmap Premium, install DDA (Data Distribution Application) onto the desktop.
  3. Versions prior to ArcPad 10 are provided from ArcPad media.
  4. Open DDA, click on the browse folder, navigate to the Streetmap Premium folder and open '_navi_na.navmap'.
  5. Zoom to an area of interest after the US opens.
  6. Use either the Extract Data or the Draw tools to draw around an area of interest.

    • If the Extract Data option is selected, the Extraction Options open using the current view.
    • If the Draw tools is selected, the user can use the tools to draw a desired object.
  7. Use the Extraction options dialog to name the folder and select the location where the file is stored, and select Extract.
  8. This starts the extraction process which includes all the files needed to open in ArcPad.
  9. Once finished, copy the directory onto the mobile device through either ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center.
  10. Open ArcPad and navigate to the extracted directory.
  11. Change the 'File of Type' from .apm to navimap.
  12. The newly created navimap file can then be seen. Select Open.
  13. The option to enter the StreetMap registration code now becomes available.
  14. The Navigation toolbar now becomes available, and the tools within it.

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Last Published: 5/5/2016

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