Problem: Image Service created from a mosaic dataset does not display


After publishing a mosaic dataset to an image service, the imagery does not display at all scales.


There are several possible causes for the imagery to not display. These causes are typically related to folder access and permissions but can also be related to the overviews.

Solution or Workaround

Complete the checks below to determine the exact cause and correct the issue.

  • Check that the overviews have been built.
    By default, the overviews are generated and stored in a folder next to where the mosaic dataset resides. This folder has the same name as the geodatabase, with an .overview extension. However, if the mosaic dataset is created in an ArcSDE geodatabase, the overviews will be created within that geodatabase.

    For more details, review the Build Overviews Help topic.

  • Check that the location of the source rasters can be accessed using Windows Explorer.
    1. Right-click the mosaic dataset in the Catalog window and select Repair.
    2. Expand the folder paths to see all of the paths being used.
    3. Test the access to the source rasters. Copy each path, paste it into Windows Explorer, and attempt to access the files.

    Verify that there are not any leading or trailing spaces in the path as they will break the mosaic dataset.

    • If access to the folder is denied, there is a permissions issue.
    • If the raster images are not found at that location, repair the mosaic dataset to use the correct path to the rasters.

    It is recommended that UNC paths be used when loading data into the mosaic dataset.

  • Check that the source rasters have not been moved.

    If the source rasters have been moved, repair the source path by right-clicking the mosaic dataset in the Catalog window and selecting Repair.

    There are other methods for viewing the source paths so that they can be analyzed and repaired: Repairing paths in a mosaic dataset .

  • Verify that the ArcGISSoc account has been granted permission to both the source raster's folder and the mosaic dataset's folder.
    1. Right-click the parent folder.
    2. Select Properties and click the Security tab.

    The ArcGISSoc account is explicitly set or defined within a group. If it is not present, edit the permissions to add the account.

  • Verify that the ArcGISSoc accounts on the local data machine and the server machine have the same password.

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