Problem: Out of process Python scripts fail when run on an ArcGIS Server machine that has Data Interoperability for Server installed


The following error messages are encountered when 'out of process' Python scripts are run outside the ArcGIS application, on a machine that has ArcGIS Server and the Data Interoperability extension for Server products installed:

"ERROR 000824: The tool is not licensed."
"ERROR 000714: Error in script <nameofscript>."

'Out of process' pertains to Python scripts that have the 'Run Python script in process' property disabled (Script Properties > Source).


The machine may be missing some Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable runtime files on which the Data Interoperability Extension for Server depends.

Solution or Workaround

Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64). This installs runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with Visual C++ on a computer that does not have Visual C++ 2008 installed.