Error: 050085 : Non-closed feature ignored in (input feature class), OID (input feature)

Error Message

"050085 : Non-closed feature ignored in <value>, OID: <value>."


Non-closed features are skipped and not used by set operator tools. For example, the tools found under ArcToolbox > 3D Analyst Tools > 3D Features. The error message shows the input feature class name and the object ID (OID) of the input feature that is not closed.

Solution or Workaround

A closed multipatch is a 3D object that completely encloses a volume. In other words, if liquid was poured into the object, nothing would leak out. It is required that all feature classes used in the 3D set operator tools are closed.

There is currently no way to close a multipatch using Esri software. This must be done using other 3D editing software. To determine whether or not a feature is closed, run the 'Isclosed' tool in 3D Analyst.

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