How To: Debug ArcGIS Mobile project extensions or tasks


Instructions provided describe how to debug ArcGIS Mobile project extensions or tasks.


  1. Open the Project Extension sample.
  2. Right-click the MobileProjectCenter project and go to Properties. (It may have a different title, but the class should inherit from IProjectExtension.)
    [O-Image] MobileProjectCenter
  3. Under the Build tab, verify that the Output path is pointing to <ArcGIS Mobile Install folder>\bin\Extensions.
    [O-Image] Build tab
  4. Build the *_MobileProjectCenter project and verify that the .dll is inside the <ArcGIS Mobile Install folder>\bin\Extensions.
    [O-Image] ArcGIS Mobile Install folder
  5. Right-click the Win or WM project within the solution and go to the property page.
  6. If the project is for Windows Desktop, then make sure that the Build > Output path points to <ArcGIS Mobile Install folder>\bin.
    [O-Image] Build Output Path
    If it is a Windows Mobile Extension or Task, then the .dll needs to go to '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\ArcGIS Mobile\10'.
  7. Under the Debug tab, check 'Start external program' and point it to <ArcGIS Mobile Install folder>\bin\ArcGISMobile.exe.

    If this is a Windows Mobile application, then it should point to '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\ArcGIS Mobile\10\ArcGISMobile.exe'.
    [O-Image] Debug tab
  8. Launch the ArcGIS Mobile Project Center and create a map and make sure to add the Project Extension to the capability.
  9. Save the mobile project.
  10. Open ArcGIS Mobile and download the project.
  11. Download the map.
  12. Exit ArcGIS Mobile.
  13. Go back into Visual Studio and place a breakpoint in the constructor for the ProjectExtension.
  14. Click the debug button in Visual Studio.