Bug: Search index update does not recognize changes in MXD tags, thumbnails, or summary


Using the new search capability in ArcGIS 10.0, the workflow and process to update map document properties does not work well with the search tools. Updating map document properties requires a complete index rebuild every time a change is made.




  1. Create a map document (MXD).
  2. In ArcMap, go to File > Map Document Properties and create the thumbnail here; it cannot be created in the item description editing environment.
  3. After the thumbnail is created, DO NOT fill out the tags, title, or summary in the Document Properties dialog, because the changes are not reflected when Search is used.
  4. Instead, do the rest of the work from the Catalog window (right-click the MXD and click Item Description) so that the changes for the search happen immediately.

    If changes are mistakenly made in the ArcMap Document Properties dialog, the entire search index must be re-indexed.

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