FAQ: What is OSM data and how do I import it?


What is OSM data and how do I import it?


OSM data is free (vector) map data, provided by the Web site OpenStreetMap.org. It contains street maps and footprint shapes that can be used in Esri CityEngine. Depending on the region, some datasets are more complete than others.

The data is provided in a browser window that lets the user choose a specific region on the globe to export.

Data may be exported to an '.osm' file (OpenStreetMap XML Data). Additionally, the corresponding map image file can be exported, as well as embeddable HTML code.

• On Mac OS, these files may need to be renamed from '.xml' to '.osm' after downloading.

Once the data is downloaded, the user can copy-paste the files to the project's data folder. From there, the files are ready to import into the scene.

Note the difference between importing into the project and into the scene.

OSM data is georeferenced, thus if imported into a new scene, the dataset may not directly be visible, because it was placed in its true position, far away from the Cartesian origin. In this case, pressing the 'f' key frames the scene contents in the camera view.

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