How To: Implement the Business Analyst 10 - Custom BDS Performance Indexes Patch


The instructions provided describe how to implement the Business Analyst 10 - Custom BDS Performance Indexes Patch. This patch resolves issues on Custom BDS Layers for any non-Block Group Esri Data level where custom data is imported (ex: My sales by ZIP table is joined to Esri ZIP Code Data) and BDS performance indexes are built. If indexes have not been built, then no issues are presented.

Performance indexes can be created during the Custom Data Setup process and are used to increase the performance of analyses that use custom data throughout Business Analyst Desktop.

Esri encourages all Business Analyst Desktop 10 users to install this patch; however, the issue that it resolves only occurs under the following conditions:
• Importing custom data and joining to non-block group Esri geographies (Tract, ZIP Code, County, State, CBSA, DMA).
• Creating Performance Indexes for the custom data.


  1. Verify that write access has been granted to the installation location and that the machine is not currently running ArcGIS 10.
  2. Download and install the patch.
    A. Go to Business Analyst 10 - Custom BDS Performance Indexes Patch.
    B. Under 'Installing this Patch on Windows' step 2, click the Patch link.
    C. In the File Download window, choose to Open or Save the zip file.
    • If the Open option is selected, follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
    • If the Save option is selected, extract the patch to a location on the computer. Navigate to that location, double-click ESRI_BA-10-BDSIndexes-Patch.EXE, and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Once the patch has been installed, Custom BDS performances indexes must be recreated. It is not necessary to recreate the Custom BDS Layers; this patch only impacts the indexes.

  3. Delete the following file types from any custom data directories:
    • .ddi
    • .pdi
    • .pdi
    • .prj
    These files are typically located at the same location as the Custom BDS Layers, C:\My Output Data\Custom BDS Layers.
  4. Recreate new performance indexes for the custom datasets.
    A. Launch Business Analyst.

    Verify that the desired custom dataset has been loaded into the current table of contents.

    B. Go to Business Analyst Preferences.
    C. Click the Data tab.
    D. Click Advanced.
    E. In the drop-down menu, select the custom dataset.
    F. Click the Build Index button (this process may take several minutes).

    G. In the 'Indexes have been created successfully' dialog box, click OK.