How To: Change the ArcGISSOC account's default temp directory


The ArcGISSOC account’s temp directory (C:\Users\ArcGISSOC\AppData\Local\Temp) has files written to it during activities such as labeling, caching, geoprocessing, and SOC instance creation. Normally these files are deleted, but they can persist and accumulate if the application is not closed down properly. As these files build up, they can impact performance and take up a large amount of hard drive space.

It is good practice to delete these files from the temp directory periodically; however, the disc space in the ArcGISSOC account's default temp directory can be increased if needed.


Instructions provided describe how to change the ArcGISSOC account’s default temp directory.

  1. Log into the GIS server with the ArcGISSOC user account.
  2. Navigate to Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced System Properties > Environment Variables.
  3. The user variables for the ArcGISSOC account are listed, as seen below.

    TEMP: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp
    TMP: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp

    If the ArcGISSOC user account is not listed, Windows User Account Control may be enabled (Server 2008 & Windows 7).

    To edit the System Environment Variables for the ArcGISSOC user account, add the ArcGISSOC user account to the Administrators users group.

  4. Highlight TEMP by clicking it and then click Edit.
  5. Do not change the Variable name. Change the Variable value from the default directory to the new local cache directory.

    For example, to write the files to a folder called 'Temp' on the 'D' drive, change the Variable value to 'D:\Temp'.

  6. Click OK and repeat the process for the TMP variable. When finished click OK on the Environment Variables and the System Properties windows.
  7. Navigate to the newly created local cache directory and grant the ArcGISSOC user account full control of the directory.
  8. Log off of the server.