Bug: Map service does not display NITF image's background color


When an NITF image is added to a map document, it automatically displays its background color. However, when the map document is saved and published as a map service, the background color is not transmitted through the map service.

This is an issue in the NITF for ArcGIS 10.0 extension.


When an NITF image is added to ArcMap, the background color is displayed, but it does not persist in the current data frame.


The instructions provided below describe how to display an NITF image's background color.

  1. Find the background color of the NITF image by clicking Layer > Properties > NITF > View Metadata.
  2. Set the active data frame's background color to match the NITF image's background color by clicking Properties > Frame tab > Background.
  3. Save the map document and publish as a map service.

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