How To: Use ArcGIS License Manager to authorize ArcGIS products and extensions online


Instructions provided are steps for authorizing ArcGIS Desktop 10 with the License Server connected directly to the Internet, or authorizing online.


To use Concurrent Use products and extensions, they must first be authorized on the license server and the service started.

  1. Open License Server Administrator from the menu window (not to be confused with ArcGIS Administrator).
    [O-Image] Open License Server Administrator
    Select Authorize Now.
    [O-Image] ArcGIS License Server Administrator - 10.0
  2. Select one of the three online authorization options (authorization file or by typing in the individual authorization numbers).

    • Option one – 'I need to authorize licenses on my license server'.
    • Option two – 'I have already authorized core licenses and need to authorize additional extensions'.
    • Option three – 'I have received an authorization file from ESRI and am now ready to finish the authorization process'.

    This option is to be used with a provisioning file or response file for authorization.

    Select ArcGIS Desktop and click Next.
    [O-Image] Authorization options
  3. Select the Authorization method, 'Authorize with ESRI now using the Internet.' Click Next.
    [O-Image] Authorization Method
  4. Enter the requested information under Authorization Information and click Next.
    [O-Image] Authorization Information
  5. Select from the given drop-down menus from Authorization Information [continued] and click Next.
    [O-Image] Additional Information
  6. Enter in the Software Authorization Number and click Next.
    [O-Image] Enter Authorization information in

  7. Enter the extension information, click Next and click Finish.
    [O-Image] Extension information

    [O-Image] Finish
    If the message 'License Server Status: NOT RUNNING' is displayed at the bottom of the box, click Start to start the service.
    [O-Image] Start Service

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