How To: Download, extract, uninstall, install, and authorize ArcGIS License Manager 10


The instructions provided describe how to access Esri's Customer Care Portal (CCP) and complete the tasks of deploying ArcGIS Desktop 10. The process includes downloading, extracting, uninstalling, installing and authorizing ArcGIS Desktop 10.


The following steps are designed to streamline the preparation and setup of ArcGIS Desktop 10. If the software is downloaded, it has to first be extracted and any previous versions of ArcGIS Desktop have to be uninstalled before proceeding with the installation.

  1. Access Esri's Customer Care Portal (CCP).
    a) Navigate to the Esri Customer Care site.
    b) Log in with the Esri Global Account Username and Password.

  2. Download the software.
    a) Click the Software Download icon button.
    b) Click the ArcGIS Desktop 10 link on the right side of the download window.

    The ArcGIS License Manager 10 software is included within the ArcGIS Desktop 10 download.

    c) Click the Download button on the far right of the download window.
    d) After clicking the Download button, the 'About the Esri Download Manager' screen appears, click the button 'Click to download your file now'.
    e) In the 'Save To' dialog box, select a location on the machine to save the ISO file, and then click Save. This begins the ArcGIS Desktop 10 download.
  3. Extract the ISO file.
    a) Under the installation instructions, select the 7-Zip icon and download the extraction program.

    Within this new window, the installation instructions recommend how to extract the downloaded ISO image file. One method is to use the 7-Zip utility, which can be accessed on this same page to extract the ISO image file from the machine after the download is completed. This allows the files to be prepared for installation. A DVD can also be created with the ISO image for future installations.

    b) Right-click the download ISO file and select 7-Zip > Extract Files. Extract to the current location, choose another location or burn the files to an installation DVD.

  4. Uninstall prior versions of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 or earlier).
    a) After the files extraction is complete, navigate to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs/Program Features.
    b) Remove prior versions of ArcGIS Desktop.
  5. Install the software.
    a) Click 'ESRI icon for Menu' to open the installation menu.
    b) On the installation menu, click the Setup link under ArcGIS License Manager.

    The license manager can also be installed by navigating to the installation executable file under ArcGIS Desktop > (Language preface) > License > Setup.exe.

  6. Authorize the software.
    The authorization of the software can be completed by copying and pasting the authorization number(s) from the CCP portal to the authorization wizard or by provisioning from the CCP.

    Follow the steps below to authorize the software using the authorization wizard.

    a) Navigate to the CCP and select Authorization and Provisioning.
    b) Select the appropriate ArcGIS product name and display the authorization number.
    c) Record the authorization number or highlight and copy the authorization number in the CCP's green banner line.
    d) Navigate to the authorization wizard by clicking Start > Programs > ArcGIS > License Manager > License Server Administrator > Authorization > Authorization Now.
    e) Click 'I need to authorize licenses on my license server'.
    f) Select ArcGIS Desktop.
    g) Select 'Authorize with ESRI now using the Internet'.
    h) Complete the customer profile information on the next two screens.
    i) Type or paste the ArcInfo, ArcEditor or ArcView numbers into the appropriate fields along with the number of licenses.
    j) Enter the authorization information for any extensions.
    k) Continue the authorization wizard to completion for the finish authorization prompt.

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