How To: Count the vertices for line or polygon features in ArcMap


Instructions provided describe how to populate a new field with the number of vertices for each feature in a polygon or line feature class.

The procedure below is for ArcGIS 10 and later versions. Please see the article in the Related Information section below for instructions for ArcGIS versions 9.3.1 and earlier. 


  1. Right-click the layer to be evaluated in the Table of Contents and click Open Attribute Table.
  2. From the Table Options drop-down, click Add Field to add a new field to the table.
  3. Name the field VxCount and select Long Integer for the field type. Click OK.
  4. Right-click the heading of the new field and click Field Calculator.
The geoprocessing tool, Calculate Field, can also be used to populate the field.
  1. Under Parser, select Python.
  2. In the main expression box, set:
VxCount = !shape!.pointcount
[O-Image] Field Calculator
  1. Click OK.

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Last Published: 11/9/2020

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