How To: Use a Map Cache built with ArcGIS Server 10 in previous versions of ArcGIS Server


Instructions provided describe how a map cache built in ArcGIS Server 10 can be used in previous versions of ArcGIS Server.


In order to use a cache built with ArcGIS Server 10 in a previous version of ArcGIS Server, the following requirements must be satisfied:

• The Tiling Scheme must be identical between versions, meaning the scale levels, image type, origin, and so on must be the same.

• The Tiling Scheme configuration file (conf.xml) must be created in each version. This file is created using the 'Create Map Server Cache' tool in ArcGIS Desktop or, if on Unix/Linux, using the CreateMapServerCache.sh script.

• 'Mixed Mode' cache cannot be used.

After the above is satisfied, copy the _alllayers folder containing the cache tiles from the ArcGIS Server 10 installation to the previous version's ArcGIS Server \ArcGISCache directory. You can use a commercially available file management utility like XCopy. When the map service is restarted, the cache should be recognized.

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