How To: Install an ArcGIS Server 10 instance on a non-default website in IIS 7


Organizations can install their ArcGIS Server instance in a non-default website on their Windows platform. This allows the ArcGIS Server instance to be separate from the default website.

Instructions provided describe how to install a new ArcGIS Server instance on a Windows Server on a non-default website in IIS 7.


  1. Open Internet Information Services Manager (IIS Manager).
  2. Right-click Sites in the browse tree on the left.
  3. Select Add Web Site.
[O-Image] Add Website in IIS
  1. Type the name of the new website in the Site name text box.
  1. Click the ellipsis button under Content Directory and point to the physical path for the new website.
[O-Image] Ellipses
  1. Under Binding, type the new port number.
[O-Image] Portnumber
  1. Run the AddInstance utility (<ArcGIS Install>\Server10.0\DotNet\AddInstance.exe) and enter the following:
    • ArcGIS Server Instance Name
    • IIS port number
    • Name of the Server Object Manager (SOM) machine
    • ArcGIS WebServices account and password

    Click the Add button.

    When finished, the ArcGIS instance folders and virtual directories are created on the new website.

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