Problem: Unable to connect to the remote Amazon EC2 instance.


A server instance created on Amazon via remote desktop cannot be accessed.


By default, a security group is completely locked down.

The IP address is not allowed in the security group of the instance being accessed or the source IP address was set to a private IP address for the RDP Security Group on Amazon. This needs to be a public IP address.

Solution or Workaround

Allow Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access through port 3389 for the IP address or a range of approved IP addresses within the organization.

  1. Launch the security group for this instance. See the help topic Opening an Amazon EC2 security group for ArcGIS Server.
  2. Allow the public IP address from which the connection is to be made.

    For example, allows everyone to connect, whereas allows one specific IP address to connect. See the help topic Common security group configurations

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