Problem: Geodatabase upgrade fails due to SQL execution error when updating ArcSDE system tables and stored procedures


Geodatabase upgrade fails when updating ArcSDE system tables and stored procedures, and the sde_setup.log file contains one of the following types of error:
• Invalid SQL syntax
• Tablespace not found
• Invalid storage parameter


Some of the DATA_DICTIONARY DBTUNE keyword parameters either reference a nonexisting tablspace, contain an invalid SQL parameter, or use invalid SQL syntax. Due to these errors in the DBTUNE, invalid SQL statements are generated during geodatabase upgrade. Such invalid SQL statements may cause geodatabase upgrades to fail.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Check and correct invalid DATA_DICTIONARY DBTUNE parameters.
  2. Make sure the SQL syntax in the config_string is correct and that all the storage units being accessed exist.
  3. Re-run the geodatabase upgrade after fixing the DBTUNE errors.