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Problem: ArcLogistics Online can't connect to the license service


ArcLogistics returns errors that either refer to a proxy or to not being able to connect to a license service.


When a firewall is in place, ports must be opened for ArcLogistics License Services to communicate with ArcLogistics Online.

Solution or Workaround

Several ports must be opened in the firewall. Open the following ports in the firewall to allow communication:

For port 443 (secure; not expected to change):

• account.arcgisonline.com
• premium.arcgisonline.com

For port 80 (not secure; expected to change as ArcGIS License Services evolve):
• links.esri.com
• downloads2.esri.com
• server.arcgisonline.com
• arclogistics.arcgisonline.com
• tasks.arcgisonline.com
• ec2-184-73-217-220.compute-1.amazonaws.com
• ec2-184-73-217-222.compute-1.amazonaws.com

Last Published: 5/5/2016

Article ID: 000011162