Problem: Esri Business Analyst Server is returning zeros in a custom report where there should be values from a custom dataset


The report returned from Esri Business Analyst Server has the value 0.00 for the requested attributes, where it should have a value that was calculated from a custom dataset.


The custom dataset has its own data hierarchy. If this hierarchy is not specified in the report request, the "Standard Business Analyst Data Hierarchy" is used and does not contain references to custom data values.

Solution or Workaround

Each custom Business Analyst dataset is associated with its own data hierarchy that must be used when executing a summary report.

  1. To get a list of the available data hierarchies, send a GetDataHierarchies request to the Business Analyst Server:

    This request returns a list of all available hierarchies of data layers. Copy the "value" string for the appropriate hierarchy.

    For example:
  2. Add a datahierarchy parameter to the report request using an ampersand (&). Set this parameter equal to the GetDataHierachies "value" string, removing the extra backslash and colon (\:), as follows:

    For example:

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