How To: Allow pre-caching of data layers in Esri Business Analyst Server


Instructions provided describe how to allow pre-caching of data layers in Esri Business Analyst Server.

Pre-caching data layers helps to improve performance of reports and analysis in Esri Business Analyst Server. When pre-caching is enabled, data is pre-loaded into memory when the service is started, making the data readily available for queries. With pre-caching enabled, the Business Analyst Map Service may take longer to start than it does when pre-caching is disabled, but performance during use is significantly better.


To enable pre-caching for Business Analyst Server 10, edit the BAServerConfig.xml file. This file is installed to:
<ArcGIS Install>\ArcGIS\Server10.0\Business Server\ServerConfig

  1. Open BAServerConfig.xml in a text editor.
  2. To enable pre-caching for all data layers in Business Analyst Server, add the following line of code:
    <PreloadData enabled="true" preloadAll="true" ttl="-1" />

  3. (Optional) To pre-cache a specific layer in a Business Analyst Server dataset, indicate the layer and dataset. For example:
    <PreloadData enabled="true" preloadAll="false" ttl="-1" >
    <dataset id=”USA_ESRI”/>
    <layer id=”US.BlockGroups”/>