Problem: ArcMap Time Slider or Animation tools do not display ArcSDE feature classes accessed from a direct connection


After enabling time on an ArcSDE feature class added to ArcMap from a direct connection, the Time Slider or Animation play back tools do not display any features.


One possible reason this may occur is if the ArcSDE data has been added to ArcMap using a direct connection to the geodatabase but no server name is included in the spatial database connection properties.

It is suggested in the Help Documentation that a server name be specified when making a direct connection as well as being necessary when using an ArcSDE service connection (see the link in the Related Information below).

Solution or Workaround

If data has already been added to ArcMap from a spatial database connection without a server name included, it should be removed and re-added to the map from a corrected spatial database connection for these changes to take affect.

Using the 'Set Data Source' option in the ArcMap Layer Properties may not update the connection information to include the server name, therefore it is recommended to follow these steps:

  1. Remove the ArcSDE layers in the map document.
  2. Change the spatial database connection within ArcCatalog: Right-click the connection, select Connection Properties, enter a name for the Server and click OK.
  3. Use the Add Data tool in ArcMap to add the feature classes back to the map document from the updated spatial database connection. After enabling time for the feature classes, the Time Slider or Animation tools should play back the animation correctly.

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