How To: Set threshold values for Esri Business Analyst Server


Instructions provided describe how to set threshold values for Esri Business Analyst Server 10.

Threshold values can be used in Esri Business Analyst Server to set limits that define a maximum amount of analysis that a user can perform with a single REST request to the server. These limits are set in order to minimize the impact that an individual request can have on the performance of the server. Limits can be set on the number of sites a client can evaluate (maxnumberofsites), the number of reports a client can create on those sites (maxquantityofsummaryreports), the distance of a simple ring (simpleringthresholds), a drive time (drivetimethresholds), and/or a grid (gridthreshold).


To set a threshold for Esri Business Analyst Server REST requests, edit the BAServerConfig.xml file. This file is installed to:
<ArcGIS Install>\ArcGIS\Server10.0\Business Server\ServerConfig

  1. Open BAServerConfig.xml in a text editor.
  2. Using the following code as an example, add code to the 'asbconfiguration' section of the BAServerConfig.xml file:
    <dataset id="USA_EBIS_2010">
    <maxnumberofsites value="20" />
    <maxquantityofsummaryreports value="20" />
    <simpleringsthresholds thresholdunits="esriMiles" mindistance="0" maxdistance="150" />
    <drivetimethresholds thresholdtime="esriDriveTimeUnitsMinutes" mintime="0" maxtime="300" thresholdunits="esriMiles" mindistance="0" maxdistance="150" />
    <gridthreshold thresholdunits="esriMiles" mindistance="0" maxdistance="0" />