Problem: When signing in to ArcGIS.com, not prompted to change temporary password


After an Esri Global Account password is reset, a temporary password is issued through an email from accounts@esri.com. The email text states, "Please use this new password the next time you login. We will prompt you to change it to one you will easily remember." However, when a temporary password is used to log in to ArcGIS.com, the page does not initiate such a prompt to change the password.


There is no mechanism on ArcGIS.com to change a password.

Solution or Workaround

To change a temporary password, it is necessary to login to the Esri Global Account Web site.

  1. Open a Web browser to the main Global Account login page.
  2. Click the Login link and enter the username and temporary password.
  3. At the prompt, enter a new password.