Error: Errors for PACKAGE BODY VERSION_UTIL: 206/14 PLS-00323

Error Message

This article only applies to ArcSDE 9.3.1, and this issue is resolved with ArcSDE 9.3.1 Service Pack 2.
As part of the post-installation procedure, the version_util package must be renamed, the version_util.no_state_seq.sbp package needs to be utilized, and the correct package needs to be loaded.

For more information, refer to Installation summary for the ArcSDE component for Oracle.


With ArcSDE 9.3.1 Service Pack 1, there is an error in the version_util.spb package body that causes a compilation error:

SQL> start version_util.spb sde
Warning: Package Body created with compilation errors.
SQL> show error
-------- -------------------------------------------------------------
206/14 PLS-00323: subprogram or cursor 'CURRENT_VERSION_NOT_DEFAULT' is declared in a package specification and must be defined in the package body

Solution or Workaround

  1. Install ArcSDE 9.3.1 Service Pack 2
  2. Navigate to the SDEHOME/lib (UNIX or Linux) or SDEHOME\bin (Windows) directory.
  3. Rename the original version_util.spb file as version_util.seq.spb and rename the version_util.no_state_seq.spb as version_util.spb.
  4. Start SQL*Plus in the directory where the files reside and connect as the SDE user.
  5. Execute the following command:
    start version_util.spb sde
  6. Ensure there are no errors after this command is executed.

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