Problem: Executing localized versions of ArcSDE for PostgreSQL may return the following error: "Command line option syntax error..."


The ArcSDE 10 for PostgreSQL installation media includes three ArcSDEPostgreSQL.exe files, one for each of the following languages: English, Chinese, and Japanese. Executing the Chinese and Japanese installation files on Chinese and Japanese language operating systems (OS) may return errors.


ArcSDEPostgreSQL.exe is the installation executable created by Esri to install ArcSDE technology on the Windows platform. It includes an installation of the PostgreSQL database at version 8.3.8.

The PostgreSQL installation includes the English language version of a file called vcreditst_x86.exe. This file is the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable that allows PostgreSQL installation on Windows Vista. The vcreditst_x86.exe file is not necessary for PostgreSQL installations on other Windows operating systems.

Installing on a non-English OS without replacing the English version of vcreditst_x86.exe returns the error:

[O-Image] Error in English
Copying the installation media image to a local folder and replacing the English version of vcreditst_x86.exe with the appropriate language version of the file returns the same error but in the chosen language:

[O-Image] Erro in Japanese
The reason this error occurs is that the path of the folder where the installation and vcreditst_x86.exe files have been placed has non-English characters. This is a known limitation defined in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 950176. See the Related Information section below for a link to this article.

Solution or Workaround

The vcreditst_x86.exe redistributable has been included with the PostgreSQL installation to allow database installation on Windows Vista. However, ArcSDE is a server application, and therefore is not certified nor supported on Windows Vista. Avoid installing ArcSDE on Windows Vista for production purposes. Instead, install on a supported Windows server operating system. Since the redistributable is not necessary for server operating systems, the error messages listed above can be ignored.

Installing on a server operating system and ignoring the redistributable error messages results in a correct and viable installation of PostgreSQL 8.3.8. See the ArcSDE 10 PostgreSQL Database Requirements page in the Related Information section below for a list of supported server operating systems.

Installation on an English OS works without error because the redistributable that is included with PostgreSQL is for the English language.

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