Problem: A map cache's Properties window and Web applications do not work


Sometimes when a map cache is created from a map service using the Service Properties > Generate Map Cache tool, the Properties window does not appear and Web applications using the map service cannot use the cache.


This issue occurs when a cache is generated and opened on different versions and service pack levels of ArcGIS Server and ArcCatalog. The reason for this issue is that the service pack version is not updated.

By Default, the cache is stored in:
C:\arcgisserver\arcgiscache\<service name>

Solution or Workaround

Confirm that ArcGIS Server and ArcCatalog are both updated to the same service pack level.

  1. Go to Patches and Service Packs.
  2. Select, from the top of the page, the service pack or patch finder that matches the server version, and run the utility.
  3. If ArcGIS Server and ArcCatalog are not on the same patch level, update both to the same level and generate a cache again.