How To: Run ArcGIS software setup from a downloaded .iso file


ArcGIS 10.x software is provided in the form of downloadable .iso files after login with a valid user account on the Esri Customer Care Portal. An ISO file, often called an ISO Image, is in fact an "image" of an entire DVD.

After the ISO image file has been downloaded, it can be used directly from the system's hard drive as a virtual disk by using either an ISO image file extractor program to extract the files, or by using an ISO mounter program (e.g., Virtual CloneDrive). In addition, a copy can be created on physical media by using a DVD authoring program and DVD burner to burn the ISO image on DVD.

This article includes steps on how to use the open source software 7-Zip to extract the .iso file and then run the software setup.

Check license information for 7-Zip here: 7-Zip License Information. For additional information, see the 7-ZIP FAQs


Follow the instructions below to download and install the 7-Zip software, extract your .iso file and then run the software setup from the extracted .iso file.

  1. Download 7-Zip:
    Click on the Download link on the 7-Zip software page to get the latest installer for 32 or 64 bit for Windows.

    [O-Image] Download 7 Zip
  2. Install 7-Zip:
    A. Save the downloaded .msi or .exe file on the computer.
    B. Double-click on the saved file to launch the 7-Zip setup program.
    C. Follow the prompts to setup 7-Zip.

    [O-Image] Install 7 Zip
  3. Extract the downloaded .iso file:
    A. In Windows Explorer, browse to the downloaded .iso file.
    B. Right-click on the .iso file and choose 7-Zip > Extract files.
    C. Select a folder location to extract the files to or accept the default. Click OK.
    The extraction dialog will disappear once it is done.

    [O-Image] Extract ISO file
  4. Launch the ArcGIS software setup:
    A. Browse to the extracted files folder location from step 3C.
    B. Double-click on the file ESRI.exe to run it.

    [O-Image] Run Esri.exe

    C. Select the applicable option in the provided dialog to launch the setup for the ArcGIS software you wish to install.