How To: Create and mount an ISO File using Windows


An ISO file (International Organization for Standardization) is used to distribute CD/DVD image file formats. They are used to compile an entire CD or DVD into an image file (*.iso). ISO images can be loaded into different CD/DVD software products or extracted.


Instructions provided describe two ways to use ISO files.

The first option involves extracting the contents of the file using a file archiving tool such as 7-Zip.

The second option involves burning the ISO image to CD/DVD media for distribution and installation.

Both 7-Zip and the ISO Recorder are third-party freeware tools that are provided without warranty, support, or guarantee from Esri. These tools are not developed or maintained by Esri.

One of the most popular types of ISO software is the ISO Recorder. It is free Windows XP utility software that uses native Windows XP functions to write images onto a CD. This software can be downloaded from the following link: ISO Recorder.

  1. Download the ISO CD or DVD image to a folder on the computer.
  2. Insert a blank CD or DVD into the CD-RW drive.
  3. Start Windows Explorer.
  4. Locate the ISO file, right-click the file name, and then click 'Copy image to CD' to open the ISO Recorder Wizard.
    [O-Image] ISO_Recorder1
  5. Follow the steps provided by the ISO Recorder Wizard and click Next to write the image to the CD.

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