How To: Display localized help for Java Web mapping applications


When building a new Web application using the ArcGIS Server Java Manager, a link to a help document (that explains how to use the Web application) is added to the Web application. By default this link opens the English version of the help. This article explains how to customize the help link so that it opens a localized version of the help instead.


  1. In ArcGIS Server Manager, click the 'Create a Web application' link. This starts the Web application wizard.
  2. On the fourth page of the wizard are options to choose the look and feel of the Web application. Scroll down to the 'Web page links' section.
  3. Add a URL of the format /help/<language>/, where <language> is one of the following values: ja, fr, zh_CN, de or es. These values correspond to the following languages:

    ▪ ja - Japanese
    ▪ fr - French
    ▪ zh_CN - Chinese
    ▪ de - German
    ▪ es - Spanish

    Example: Add the link /help/ja/ to display a link to the Japanese version of the help.