Bug: Generate Exclude Area layer from raster dataset with Color Correction window can crash ArcMap


Mosaic Dataset Color Correction window supports generating an excluded area layer from an existing mosaic dataset or raster dataset.

The Exclude Area layer can be used as a mask for the color correction of a mosaic dataset. The nodata area in the Exclude Area layer does not participate in the calculation.

Currently, generating an Exclude Area layer from a raster dataset in the Color Correction window crashes ArcMap.


The Exclude Area layer is not properly handled by the Color Correction window when generated from a raster dataset.


Instead of using the Color Correction window, run the GP tool 'Generate Exclude Area' to generate an Exclude Area dataset from a raster dataset.

  1. Open the GP tool 'Generate Exclude Area' from Data Management Tools > Raster > Mosaic Dataset.
  2. Apply the same setting that would be used in the Color Correction window, specifying the output raster dataset name and format.

    Run the tool, and use the output raster dataset as the mask for Color Correction.