Problem: Dragging a browser border to do the resizing crashes the Java ADF application


For a Java ADF manager generated application, dragging the browser border to do the resizing would generate too many AJAX requests in Windows 7, which would ultimately crash the application


In Windows 7, the animation effect 'Show window contents while dragging' in Performance Option is enabled by default. So the 'resize' event is triggered continuously while dragging happens. Since an ADF WMA application sends out AJAX requests when a 'resize' event happens, too many AJAX requests are sent, which the server side cannot handle and eventually crashes. For Windows versions before 7, the 'resize' event is triggered only when the dragging is complete. Only one request is sent at this point.

Solution or Workaround


  1. Go to 'System Properties'.
  2. Click on 'Advanced' tab.
  3. Click on the 'Visual Effects' tab under 'Performance Options', select the 'Custom' radio button, and uncheck 'Show window contents while dragging' option.